Instructor Bio


Brenda Foster  

Spinning Felting

Brenda met her first loom and spinning wheel at the Brandon MB fair when she was 12, not knowing this was foreshadowing a future love. Since this time and under the influence of maternal family members began a love affair with knitting and crocheting. Brenda began spinning under the tutelage of respected EWG members such as Ruby Marles and Kathy Buse. Then went on to take 5 of the Master Spinner Levels at Olds College. Then came felting!! Lyn Pfluger and Kathy Buse began this fibre love for Brenda who continues to be influenced by Marjolein Dalinga, Jean Gauger and Andrea Graham, Brenda has been an EWG member since 1990 and uses her years of experience to guide students on their own fibre journey.


Carolyn Agopsowicz  

From mud to found object sculptures, even at a young age growing up on a farm in southern Saskatchewan, Carolyn Hunter knew she wanted to be an artist. Straight after high school she moved from her hometown to Red Deer to attend the Red Deer College taking the Art and Design program. Carolyn has since moved away from her original mediums of paint and ceramics to fibre. First as art quilting and now to felting – both wet and dry techniques. Although she has only been felting for two years, she has studied under Brenda Foster, Marjolein Dallinga, and Jean Gauger. Carolyn’s work has been seen in the FFAA’s Prairies show where she won second in her category.
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Kim McCollum  


Kim  is a Studio Arts graduate from Wake Forest University (WFU) in North Carolina.  Kim has been experimenting with weaving and textile arts for the last 4 years and loves sharing the techniques and tools she uses with others!  Kim uses a combination of traditional and modern techniques to create unique woven pieces.  Kim is in her second year of Olds Master Weaver Program.  When she is not weaving she is painting, making pottery, building furniture, or taking photographs! See Kim’s work at or follow along on instagram @slowlifestudio. 


Tammi Lee

Tammi’s been restoring old sewing machines and wood projects since 2010. In fact, she has a love for most any well built vintage mechanical device and its care and feeding. In addition to restorations, she also repairs and services modern sewing machines. She’s also restored and repaired several spinning wheels and even built one from scratch as an experiment. She also maintains the guild’s spinning wheels.

This experience lends itself well to the understanding and maintenance of most modern, vintage and vintage style spinning equipment from strictly wood devices to modern applications. Couple this with a love for imparting knowledge and empowering others and teaching spinning wheel maintenance is a natural choice.

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